Preventive Maintenance

Keep Your Commercial Truck Running Smoothly with Summer Preventative Maintenance
Those in the commercial truck industry know that preserving the life of a work truck is imperative to keeping their business running strong. Preventive maintenance can make breakdowns a thing of the past and with Bentley Truck Services, Inc. routine and preventive maintenance program, it has become even easier for truck owners to ensure their work truck is always running at its maximum capacity. No matter what you’re hauling, it’s important to keep your commercial truck properly maintained.

Here are a few preventive maintenance tips to keep your work truck running smoothly this summer:

Don’t Get Overheated
Overheating is one of the most common causes of breakdowns and is guaranteed to slow your driver down. The cooling ratio of antifreeze to water is not only vital to keeping the engine from freezing in the winter, but also overheating in the summer. Without the proper ratio, the engine cooling system is at risk of failing and will not operate properly. Checking the coolant hoses is just as important. The coolant in work trucks should be replaced every 100,000 miles or at least every two years. Also remember all fluids have a lifespan and should be regularly checked and changed as needed, including brake fluid and power steering fluid.

Belts and Hoses
Summer is the perfect time to have your belts and hoses checked and changed, especially since heat can wear them down. They carry some of your vehicle’s most important fluids and also generate other devices such as power steering. Not having them checked or replaced can lead to your work trucks breaking down.

Keep Your Truck Riding Smoothly
Extreme temperature conditions can put your tires at risk. Excessive heat can result in blowouts, putting the driver and the truck at risk for unwanted setbacks. It’s important that your truck’s tires and tread depth are checked at least once a month. This will not only ensure that the pressure is correct, but also that the tires are worn evenly and there are no cracks or nicks in the tires.

Prevent Battery Corrosion
The summer heat can take a toll on your truck’s battery, and heat is one of the main factors in corroding batteries. Corrosion buildup can lead to lower voltage and can cause the battery itself to stop working. Batteries in your truck should be examined, cleaned and the cables should be checked for cracks or other damage.

Keep Things Cool
Don’t let your drivers be caught this summer without A/C. Have your A/C system checked for leaks in its hoses and valves. It is also important to have your blower motor tested, have your filters checked for any unwanted plugs, and get your air filter changed.

Prevent Future Hassles Today
Bentley Truck Services, Inc. is here to help you meet all your preventative maintenance needs, especially as summer continues to heat up. With authorized service centers for Isuzu Trucks, Hino, Mitsubishi Fuso, and UD, located across the Northeast (Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania) and in Miami, Florida, it has never been easier to make sure your work truck is taken care of.