Should I Buy or Lease?

When deciding to buy a Medium-duty Truck, you might be stuck on the question, “Should I buy or lease?”. When you compare the options, you’ll want to consider your business requirements, your budget, and ultimately what you want out of a vehicle. Explore the advantages of leasing and buying with Bentley Truck Services, Inc. today!

  • Flexibility to get what you really want as a business owner. A lease allows room for growth. You can drive a newer vehicle more often and protect the polished image of your business.
  • With a lease, monthly payments are typically lower than loans because you only pay for the portion of the truck value used during your lease. You pay for the vehicle as it pays for itself–through use.
  • When you choose a lease, at the end of your lease contract you have the flexibility to buy the vehicle or return it to the dealer. You can even exchange or refinance the truck if you want to keep the vehicle.
  • Because money is not borrowed when you choose a lease, your business’s working capital and your business credit line are still available for your company’s growth.
  • At the end of your loan contract, you take ownership of the vehicle. A loan is ideal for high mileage or severe duty applications.
  • You build future equity and have greater asset management control. You are free to modify, trade-in, or sell your vehicle on your terms. Isuzu and Hino trucks command a high resale value.
  • When a business owner chooses to go with a loan, there is no limit on the amount of miles your employees drive.
  • A loan provides the means for you to conserve cash by paying the balance over time instead of all up-front.