Find Isuzu Gold Star® Certified Pre-Owned Trucks

Program Benefits & Warranty Information

The choice to purchase a certified used Isuzu is a smart one—particularly when buying one from Bentley Truck Services, Inc. As a top used commercial truck dealer, we proudly offer some of the best, most reliable vehicles in the industry. Review these benefits that accompany your new Isuzu Gold Star Certified Pre-Owned Truck:

7-Year/125,000-Mile Vehicles

To qualify, the vehicle must be within 7 years or less of the current model year and have a starting odometer reading of no more than 125,000 miles (gas) or 200,000 miles (diesel).

24-Hour Roadside Assistance

Every Gold Star Isuzu Truck comes with the same 24/7 roadside assistance service as new Isuzu trucks. This service includes roadside repairs and tows to the nearest authorized Isuzu dealer.

Thorough Multipoint Inspection

All CPO Isuzu Gold Star vehicles have been hand-picked and rigorously tested to ensure they’re of the highest quality. If reconditioning is required, our expert technicians can correct any and all mechanical or cosmetic issues.

Backed by Isuzu

Some certified used truck warranties are covered by aftermarket companies—that’s not the case with a Gold Star Isuzu. Each certified pre-owned Isuzu vehicle is officially backed by Isuzu Commercial Truck of America.

Gold Star vs. Gold Star Plus

When financing a used Isuzu truck, businesses can choose between 7 tiers of Isuzu coverage to ensure all their needs are met. These packages extend across the Gold Star and upgraded Gold Star Plus programs. Here’s how both Isuzu Gold Star and Gold Star Plus programs compare:

Engine • Transmission • Drive Axle
Isuzu Gold Star®

   – 3 Months/10,000 Miles

   – 6 Months/ 20,000 Miles

   – 12 Months/30,000 Miles

   – 24 Months/60,000 Miles

Engine • Transmission • Drive Axle

Isuzu Gold Star® Plus

– 12 Months/30,000 Miles (with coverage: Fuel Injector, Turbo Charger, Alternator, Starter, Water Pump)

– 24 Months/60,000 Miles (with coverage: Fuel Injector, Turbo Charger, Alternator, Starter, Water Pump)

– 36 Months/90,000 Miles (with coverage: Aftertreatment Components)

Aftertreatment Components

Isuzu Gold Star® Plus

– Diesel Particulate Fuel Injector

– Diesel Fuel Pressure Sensor

– Exhaust Temperature Sensor (Pos. 1)

– Exhaust Temperature Sensor (Pos. 2)

– Front Exhaust Pipe

– Diesel Particulate Filter

– Exhaust Catalytic Converter (DOC)

– Exhaust Pressure Differential Sensor

– Diesel Exhaust Fluid Line (Pump to Injector)

– Diesel Exhaust Fluid Line (Tank to Pump)

– Diesel Exhaust Fluid Heater Valve

– Diesel Exhaust Fluid Control Module

– Diesel Exhaust Fluid Supply Pump

– Diesel Exhaust Fluid Injector

– Diesel Exhaust Fluid Sensor

– SCR Catalyst

– SCR Exhaust Temperature Sensor

– NOx Sensor #2

– NOx Sensor #1

– Emissions System Wiring