Isuzu Trucks for Craft Breweries Custom Made To Perfection

Beer Trucks from Isuzu

Isuzu just announced a game changer for craft breweries. A brand new all in one revolutionary truck that showcases how craft brewers can maximize their investment in using their very own delivery truck. This truck is the ultimate promotional machine. Located on the side of the truck are positioned several spouts that are hooked up to kegs inside the trucks.

No longer do brewers have to go through the hassle of setting up lugging around tables, tapping kegs, and making sure they never run out of ice. Craft breweries are often times smaller businesses that serve and deliver to their surrounding communities thus take part in local music festivals, street fairs and other live events that draw festive crowds. No longer do brewers find themselves in a dilemma of requiring a dual purpose vehicle—one to make their regular deliveries, and one to promote their brewery at live events.