Useful Tips to Help You Pass Roadside Inspections

According to recent FMCSA data, 20 out of every 100 vehicles (1 in 5) that get inspected receive an Out-of-Service (OOS) violation.

The difficulty of clearing road inspections is real. With more than 70,000 drivers and 200,000 vehicles receiving violation notices every year, it makes sense to give your drivers every chance to prepare for and pass roadside inspections.

To improve the success rate with roadside inspections you need to trace it back to where many of the problems originate from – issues with driver inspections, both pre and post-trip. Get that right and expect better results at your next roadside inspection.

Federal laws (DOT 392.7) require that no commercial motor vehicle (CMV) shall be driven unless the driver is satisfied. This implies that drivers should do a detailed visual inspection – service brakes, trailer brake connections, parking brakes, steering mechanisms, lighting devices, reflectors, horns, tires and windshield wipers – to make sure the vehicle is road-worthy and without observable defects.

The following helpful tips are bought to you by Telogis:

Tip # 1 – Educate your team

Tip # 2 – Review your fleet’s current state of play

Tip # 3 – Standardize your inspection process

Tip # 4 – Behavior-based management technology

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