Hurricane Sandy

Are you considering buying a used truck. here’s some helpful information from Isuzu trucks.

As the families, communities, and businesses impacted by Hurricane Sandy begin their rebuilding, anyone considering the purchase of a used vehicle should be aware that estimates are that as many as 230,000 vehicles suffered damage as a result of the storm. Many of these vehicles were flooded or suffered serious water intrusion. Although all flood damaged vehicles should be scrapped and crushed, it is likely that many of these vehicles will re-enter the used vehicle market to be sold to unsuspecting customers and dealers. While these vehicles may outwardly appear to be undamaged, water may have seeped into a variety of components, included but not limited to, wire harnesses, connectors, control modules, and chassis components This water intrusion can cause corrosion and other damage to safety, electrical, mechanical and other components, and can lead to electrical shorts, fires, accidents and personal injuries.
If you are considering the purchase of a used Isuzu commercial truck and have any questions concerning your vehicle purchase, please feel to contact Isuzu Commercial Truck Customer Relations Department at 866-441-9638

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