How to operate an SB Series Thermo King Refrigeration Unit

Driver Operation – SB Series with uP-VI Controller

Chances are if you run a business that uses a refrigerated truck or if you use a truck that pulls a reefer trailer, you have come across the need to adjust the controls, find the maintenance menu and/or reset alarm codes.

Thermoking Refrigeration

There’s also a good chance your truck or trailer is equipped with a Thermo King brand unit. Thermo King is one of the most recognized and trusted names in the refrigeration unit business.


That’s why we have decided to add a few videos and other useful information to our site pertaining to Thermo King operation, maintenance and codes. Check back often for newly released videos, codes and more.

Thermoking SB Series Controls
Here’s a great instructional video that we found on the Thermo King YouTube channel on how to operate the SB Series unit.

At Bentley Truck Services, “We are Committed to Excellence”. We have a wide selection of refrigerated rental trucks and lease trucks equipped with Thermo King units. If you need help with alarm codes, operation or maintenance, please contact your nearest Bentley Truck Services Service Department and we can answer any questions you have. lease trucksrefrigerated rental truckscontact your nearest Bentley Truck Services Service Department