Isuzu’s Tips on Reducing Fuel Costs

Although fuel prices are at an all-time low, you can still improve your bottom line by sticking to these proven ways of reducing fuel consumption. No matter what the price, fuel expenses add up.   The most economic use of your fuel will improve your operation.

  • It is proven that by reducing your top end speed by 5 to 10 miles, you can improve your fuel economy by 12%.
  • Once at highway speed, use your cruise control to maintain consistent miles per hour. This will further increase your fuel economy.
  • Being first off the line burns fuel and tires. Try to avoid panic starts, and stops as well.
  • Most trucks built since 2012 have automatic idle shut downs built into the software, it just needs to be activated. By using this feature, you can eliminate the driver overriding the shut down, and benefit from increased fuel economy.

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