Tips for Air System Maintenance During Winter – Tech Tip Tuesday

December 13, 2016
Source: Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems

Across North America, it’s getting to be that time of year when temperatures regularly begin to dip below freezing—and when commercial vehicle pneumatic systems need a little extra attention. With more vehicle systems incorporating the use of compressed air for non-braking functions—including automated manual transmissions (AMTs), emissions controls and advanced safety technologies—Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC offers the following three keys to air system maintenance during the winter months:
1. Worry about the water
“It’s really not the cold itself that brings the most potential for air system trouble—it’s the moisture that’s brought in with it when the compressor draws in air,” said Richard Nagel, Bendix director of marketing and customer solutions, charging group. “If enough moisture makes its way through the air dryer, it creates the potential for condensation within the air tanks—and from there, it can travel downstream, affecting the braking system and other connected technologies.”

If that happens, low temperatures can definitely have a negative impact, freezing the condensed water and increasing the likelihood of component malfunctions in the valves, controls, and solenoids utilized in advanced safety technologies, emissions controls, and automated manual transmissions.

Manually draining the air tanks is a simple and fail-safe step that can help keep the air system moisture-free in winter. Bendix recommends draining the tanks at least every three months for a typical line haul truck, and as frequently as once a month for vehicles with high air demand.
2. Maintain and properly equip your dryer
To prevent moisture freezing in the system, a properly functioning air dryer becomes even more important in cold weather. Unfortunately, winter brings with it several factors that can have a negative impact on a dryer’s capacity for effectively removing moisture from […]

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Safer Way to Clear Snow and Ice from Van Trailers – Tech Tip




A Safer Way to Clear Snow and Ice from Van Trailers

Although laws in several states require owners to clean off the roofs before the vehicles head for the road, that’s easier decreed than done.

A. Duie Pyle, the old-line freight carrier operating in the Northeast, has found the answer in the “snow scraper” from Scraper Systems. The fleet has installed the equipment at 15 of its 17 terminals, and the other two should have them soon, says Randy Swart, the chief operating officer based at the company’s headquarters in West Chester, Pa., outside of Philadelphia.

Read more here.

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Get Ready for Winter with these Tips – Tech Tips

Tips for Getting Winter Ready

Now is as good as ever to conduct a pre-winter check on your truck. Cold weather is tough on vehicles. Snow, freezing temperatures, ice, slush and salt can wreak havoc on trucks. Keep your truck moving as temperatures fall with the below tips:

1. Monitor tire pressure and tread depth for a safe and economic trip. Rule of thumb is that for every 10 degree change in temperature, tires adjust by one PSI. Under-inflated tires wear quicker and cause loss of fuel mileage; they can also overheat and fail at highway speeds. Uneven or excessive tire wear may result from improper alignment or the need for a suspension adjustment. Some states implement tire chain laws early.

2. Load test batteries to maintain power to the unit. Cold weather can make starting more difficult and as batteries age and deteriorate, material degrades or falls off and plates become less powerful. Batteries that pass gravity or open-circuit voltage tests may still have a hard time maintaining voltage when electrical loads consume large amounts of current.

3. Inspect heaters and cooling systems to stay warm as temperatures drop. Check the radiator, hoses and belts for any issues that may worsen in colder temperatures and could lead to engine damage. Maintain the accurate freeze protection level in coolant. Replace cabin filters, blow debris from heater cores and ensure any shut off valves are reopened.

4. Prevent line freezing by checking all components of the air system. Any moisture found in the air system has a higher chance of freezing as temperatures drop. Ensure the air dryer is operating properly and drain air tanks daily. Check the fuel and water separator and drain the bowl so it does not freeze […]

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