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Improved Safety Data on FMCSA’s website

Updated and improved safety data for truckers on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s website

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is implementing a number of changes designed to improve the Safety Measurement System website, some in response to industry feedback.

The SMS site is where carriers and the public go to get the safety performance data the agency uses to determine which carriers pose a risk and need to be investigated, under its Compliance, Safety, Accountability program better known as CSA. Last year the site hosted nearly 48 million user sessions, the agency said.

The changes, which the agency proposed last November based on suggestions from the industry and others, are intended to make the website more accessible and useful.

In addition to the changes it proposed last year, the agency is adding several new innovations suggested by industry groups.

Here’s a rundown of what will be new when the changes are implemented on August 2.

• The site will display a carrier’s summary status in the Behavior Analysis and Safety Improvement Categories. The aim is to clarify if a carrier’s performance will lead to enforcement intervention. The agency said it will give users single-click access to detailed BASIC information.
• In response to a comment by the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association, the agency will clarify how on-road performance data and investigation results are factored into a carrier’s status.
• The site will feature a tour to explain the revisions.
• The site will let users download the public data for all carriers in the same safety event group, such as inspections or crashes, used to rank the carrier’s BASIC percentile. This does not include the Crash Indicator and HazMat Compliance data.
• The site will highlight a carrier’s performance in each BASIC to identify any trends. The […]

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Safety Tips for Winter Driving

Helpful safety tips from truck drivers

Truck Drivers post helpful Winter Driving Safety Tips

We found this great article on the Work Truck Magazine website:

American Trucking Associations (ATA) wants to ensure the motoring public is prepared for winter storms taking place across the U.S. and that all motorists arrive to their destinations safely, in the coming months. Winter road conditions can lead to dangerous situations. Fortunately, a team of million mile accident-free drivers are helping to make our roads safer.

Winter Driving Safety Tips

America’s Road Team Captains, elite professional truck drivers are offering advice on how to safely navigate through winter road conditions. Tips include:

Map your route: Know where you are going and be prepared, ahead of time, to exit off the highway when needed. Indecisive driving is a major cause of traffic problems.
Avoid extreme weather conditions: Ice, hail, and snow make roads difficult to travel. Try to avoid driving through extreme weather conditions, and travel during daylight as much as possible.
Remove ice and snow from your vehicle: Clear your windows and roof of snow to ensure you have maximum visibility and avoid creating a hazard for the vehicle behind you. Don’t allow ice and snow to create additional blind spots on your vehicle.
Slow Down: With winter weather conditions present, speeding becomes increasingly hazardous. Allow plenty of a space cushion and reduce your speed.
Prepare an emergency kit: Contents should include: battery powered radio, flashlight, blanket, jumper cables, fire extinguisher, first aid kit, bottled water, non-perishable foods, maps, tire repair kit and flares.
Watch for black ice, a thin layer of transparent ice that forms when temperatures are close to freezing. Black ice may make the road look slightly wet and is difficult to spot. Watch for […]

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