A comparison between a set of standard halogen headlamps and LED headlamps reveals, well, there is no comparison.
Because headlamps are something drivers use every day, we arranged with Truck-Lite to see if LED headlamps are really as good as they are reputed to be.

The test procedure was pretty simple. We stopped the truck at the same spot on a dark, deserted stretch of road and took a few photographs from inside the cab to illustrate the difference between the two sets of headlights. We used the same Freightliner Cascadia day-cab, which underwent a headlamp transplant between the test runs. We replaced the entire assembly with the halogen lights with a module containing the LED lights.

The photos were taken with the same camera using the same settings, so the camera’s exposure controls were nullified and would not affect the outcome. The settings for all the photos are as follows: Canon 5D in Manual mode; 24 mm focal length, ISO 400, 15-second exposure, manual white balance. In other words, what you see in the photos is what the camera saw; no digital trickery was applied after the fact.

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