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NationaLease/Decisiv Deal Aims to Improve Uptime

NationaLease announced an agreement with Decisiv to give its customers fleet tracking and reporting capabilities. The maintenance platform will be called NationaLease Fleet 20/20 and will be available to all NationaLease members and customers.

By providing a collaborative connection between the NationaLease network and its 24/7 Road Rescue service, Fleet 20/20 is aimed at improving uptime and reducing costs. The platform captures, communicates, manages and measures each service event in real time. It will provide real-time event status access at all service locations, as well as custom dashboards and reporting for NationaLease customers.

“Our agreement with Decisiv will enable our customers’ fleet managers to access their entire fleet in a single place,” said Dean Vicha, president of NationaLease. “The interactive capabilities of the platform coupled with real-time access to reporting data will arm us with tools to compete more effectively for new business in the future, and make it easier than ever for large fleets to do business with NationaLease.”

The initial focus of the NationaLease agreement with Decisiv is national account customers, with the first wave currently online. The agreement will eventually include integration and deployment with NationaLease’s 700 service locations in the U.S. and Canada.

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Fuel Gelling in Commercial Trucks

Cold weather & fuel gelling—finding answers to fuel problems

From Fleet Magazine:

With this years extreme cold snap and temperatures dipping below the norm, many commercial truck fleet managers are experiencing problems with fuel gelling.

If your commercial truck or fleet won’t start during this extreme cold weather it might be a number of things, but consider the possibility of fuel gelling.

Here’s a link to a helpful article on the Fleet Magazine website that discusses fuel gelling in detail and some things that can be done.

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Lower Fleet Costs

What commercial truck fleet owner doesn’t want to lower their fleet costs?
Here’s a useful HOW TO webinar from the Heavy Duty Trucking website

At Bentley Truck Services, we are constantly trying to help our customers succeed. We do this with our commitment to excellence. Some of the ways we can do this, is by putting you and your company into the right type of truck for your business. Minimizing downtime through properly maintained vehicles and proper upkeep can help. Another way is by providing helpful information and tips that can save you and your business money and help to increase productivity.

We found this FREE online webinar very interesting and helpful for commercial truck and fleet owners. The webinar is titled: “10 Ways to Lower Costs with a Fleet Management Solution” and was originally aired on Oct. 16, 2013 on the Heavy Duty Trucking website. If you missed it and want to lower fleet costs, we have provided this link so you can view this FREE webinar right now.

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The cost of maintaining a commercial truck fleet is constantly on the rise, and finding ways to increase productivity effectively and to utilize their fleet as efficiently as possible are questions fleet owners try to find the answers to. With the proper information fleet owners can increase their productivity by up to 15-20%

View the webinar and see if a fleet management tool might help your company save a few bucks. Here’s a few key points that are covered

Optimizing your fleets performance
Learning ways to cut costs
Use less fuel
Keep up-to-date on all regulations and compliance
Get regular reports automatically

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