Eaton’s Dual-Clutch Transmission

GALESBURG, MICH. — Eaton is bringing a new transmission to the medium-duty market that boasts car-like drivability with full-manual performance, a design of 10 years or 400,000 miles, and 8-10% better fuel economy than a torque-convertor-equipped automatic transmission.

The new 7-speed transmission, called Procision, features a dual-clutch design and electronic shifting that uses grade, vehicle weight and throttle input to provide optimal fuel efficiency and smooth, continuous delivery of torque to the drive wheels under all shift conditions.

The Procision transmission will be available for order in mid 2015, Eaton says.

Eaton’s senior vice president and general manager of Commercial Vehicle Transmission business, John Beering, says the target customer of this transmission wants a truck he or she can climb into, turn the key and drive away, while still meeting the unique needs of the multitude of applications that use such a product.

“Procision is a clean sheet of paper,” Beering told a press gathering in Galesburg this week. “We took a hard look at what we had done in the medium-duty space in the past and we listened to the voice of the market that told us there were gaps they wanted addressed. This new dual-clutch technology addresses those gaps.”

The transmission itself is a 7-speed set up rated for up to 660 pounds-feet of torque with direct drive in 5th gear. The overall ratio is 10.13:1, with a ratio of 6.5:1 in first, right up to 0.64:1 in seventh. It weighs 364 pounds and will be available in 26,000- and 33,000-pound ratings. It also offers right, left and rear PTO positions.

The key to the Procision transmission is the dual-clutch shifting technology. Eaton says the torque path to the drive wheels is not interrupted by the gear […]