The medium-duty industry is meeting unique challenges with innovative solutions

Interesting article from Fuso CEO, Todd Bloom

From Fleet Magazine:

“Todd Bloom, president and chief executive officer of Mitsubishi Fuso Truck of America, shared his medium-duty market insight with Fleet Equipment.

When it comes to challenges facing users and manufacturers of medium-duty trucks, it’s important to understand that we operate in a different arena than our heavy-duty counterparts. In our world, economic, regulatory and technology issues can be quite different, and require distinct approaches. The first difference can be seen in the economy’s impact on the medium-duty truck market. Unlike heavy-duty, over-the-road operations, which can measure growth using relatively straightforward data like freight tonnage, the medium-duty market is made up of a variety of segments with different formulas for success.

New regulations are also impacting medium-duty trucks. Our customers, while struggling in some cases to balance the return on investment in green vehicles with environmental stewardship, are faced with new types of choices. Hybrids are proving to be commercially viable for some types of operations. Natural gas powered models, which can now take advantage of an improving infrastructure, can provide an acceptable ROI for other types of fleets.

Medium-duty trucks are far more advanced today than ever before. Import and domestic manufacturers alike struggled through a period of growing pains associated with 2008-2010 engines, but ultimately came to understand the technologies needed to meet a higher level of emissions standards.”

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