How to Prepare for CVSA Safe Driver Week July 15 to 21st

Will You Be Ready?
This time next month is Operation Safe Driver Week. Across the U.S, state and local law enforcement will be conducting a weeklong blitz focusing on enforcing traffic violations, dangerous driving behaviors, and conducting roadside inspections. Will you be ready?
How to Prepare

Monitor your hours of service documentation for violations.

Track the expiration of your drivers’ medical cards.

Train drivers how to respond to typical questions about their logs, trips, cargo, insurance, registration, license and their vehicle.

Pre and Post-trip inspections of the vehicle.


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More Tips for Warm Weather Months from Isuzu – Tech Tip Tuesday

It has been a long and cold winter. Your Isuzu-built vehicle is one tough truck, but even the toughest truck needs some attention. The pot holes may have knocked your front end out of alignment, you may need new tires or a rotation, the fuel water separator may be filled with moisture, the windshield solvent may be out and you do not know what condition the hoses and belts are in! Below are a few more preventative maintenance tips that can help keep your truck operating efficiently through the summer.

Antifreeze is normally associated with winter, but it is equally important during the heat of summer. Even if your vehicle runs in cooler climates the mixture between antifreeze and water is normally a 50/50 ratio. This will also protect the engine during the winter months. In fact, it is recommended that the radiator be flushed every 24 months to prevent corrosion.

A clean air filter is one of those items that is often overlooked. On your Isuzu truck, the air cleaner is easy to access and easy to replace. In fact, it only takes a couple of minutes but a clean filter can help improve your fuel mileage and keep your engine running at peak performance.

When the thunderstorms hit and the rain sweeps across the road, nothing is more important than matched tread, enough tread and proper inflation. When we do a preventive maintenance service, we not only check the pressure, but evaluate your tires and make recommendations. Summer heat from the pavement can cause havoc just as much as under inflated, low tread depth, or non matched tread during a rain storm. Switching to all-season […]

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Tips for Summer Truck Maintenance – Tech Tip Tuesday

Key Components and Systems Need Additional Attention In Summer Months

Hot weather is already upon some parts of the country. The heat of summer can be as hard on your trucks as the freezing temperatures of winter. Yet some fleets don’t have specific maintenance set up for warmer weather. If you haven’t prepared your trucks for the heat, now is the time to bring them in for their summer maintenance service.

Here are some key components and systems that need additional attention in hot weather.

Cooling system: Start with checking antifreeze concentration levels. If the antifreeze-to-water ratio is off, the cooling system will not operate efficiently or may even fail in warm weather. Inspect the radiator mounts, fan shrouds and fan clutch as well. Basic maintenance of the cooling module should include a thorough pressure wash of the radiator/charger air cooler/air conditioning condenser from the engine side, pushing the debris out the front of the cores. With the engine off and key stowed away to avoid an inopportune start up, work from the top down, and get the pressure washer into the upper and lower corners behind the fan shroud. Be careful to not bend the fan blades with the wash wand or to nick the cooling fins.

Air conditioning system: Check for leaks and for state of charge. If you hear noise coming from the blower motor, it may be time to replace it. Check for refrigerant leaks. Pay special attention to hose, fittings and bend, and flex points. Make sure the condenser is clean and free of debris. Examine the filters to make sure they’re not plugged. Given today’s driver shortage, you can’t afford not to have a fully functioning air conditioning system. If the A/C fails, […]

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