All You Need To Know About USDOT Numbers – Tech Tip Tuesday

Some may find themselves asking the question, “What is a USDOT number and do I need one?”
To answer the first part of the question, we can break down what a USDOT number is and what it is used for. The USDOT number is required for companies who operate commercial vehicles that are either transferring cargo, hazardous materials or a certain amount of passengers. The USDOT number acts as an identifier between vehicles on the road. This number is very useful when monitoring  and checking a company’s safety information, which would include compliance reviews, crash investigations and inspections that have been performed on the vehicle.

Now you may be wondering if your vehicle needs a USDOT number. The requirements for a USDOT number are mandatory if…

Your vehicle is used to transport hazardous materials that require a safety permit in intrastate commerce
Your vehicle has a gross weight rating of 10,001 pounds or over
Your vehicle is used to transport more than 8 passengers for compensation or more than 15 passengers with no compensation

Also, if your vehicle is involved with Interstate commerce, a USDOT is mandatory. This would include:

Vehicles traveling between a location within a state and outside of the state
Vehicles traveling between two locations in a state through another state
Vehicles traveling between two locations in a state as part of a trade, traffic or transportation starting and ending outside the state

Aside from federal regulations, some states do require their intrastate commercial motor vehicles to acquire a USDOT number which does include Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

If you have learned that you do in fact need a USDOT number there are two ways to apply for one: either apply online ( or fill out a […]

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Federal Goverment move to limit speeds of trucks, buses

Federal Goverment Pushing for Speed Limiters on Nation’s Trucks
Anthony Foxx, the U.S. Transportation secretary, has announced a proposal that, if approved, would see the nation’s heavy-duty commercial trucks equipped with devices that limit their speeds on U.S. roadways.

The proposed law, initiated by DOT’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), would require these devices be set to a maximum speed, claiming it would be a safety measure that could save lives and more than $1 billion in fuel costs each year.

“There are significant safety benefits to this proposed rulemaking,” Foxx said. “In addition to saving lives, the projected fuel and emissions savings make this proposal a win for safety, energy conservation and our environment.”

The department’s proposal would establish safety standards requiring all newly manufactured U.S. trucks, buses, and multipurpose passenger vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rating more than 26,000 pounds to come equipped with speed limiting devices. The proposal discusses the benefits of setting the maximum speed at 60, 65, and 68 miles per hour, but the agencies will consider other speeds based on public input.

Meanwhile, the American Trucking Associations (ATA) hailed the proposal to electronically limit the maximum speeds of new trucks as a potential step forward for safety.

Read full article at Online Trucking News.

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