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Mitsubishi Fuso Tech Tip

Helpful tip on how to save on maintenance costs on your Mitsubishi Fuso Truck

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Quick tips…

• Extended stationary vehicle operation (PTO use, refrigerated body cooling, etc.) affects maintenance. The oil change interval on certain applications that require extended engine operating time without affecting the odometer should be reduced approximately 35 miles for each hour of stationary vehicle operation.

EX: 40 hours of stationary operation X 35 MPH = 1400 miles. Reduce oil change interval by 1400 miles.

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HinoCare Preventative Care Program

Hino offers new preventative care program for 195 Diesel Trucks

From the Hino Website

NOVI, MI – Hino Trucks announces a new preventive service care program for their 195 diesel model trucks called HinoCare. The two-year or 60,000 mile maintenance program is available on all 2013MY and 2014MY 195 and 195 double cab trucks delivered between July 1, 2013 and March 31, 2014 and is free of charge to the customer.

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