Things to remember about trying to remember necessary items for pre-trip inspection

If you’re doing it from memory, you might be missing some important steps

We found this great article from about pre-trip inspections.

How good are you at doing a pre-trip Inspection on a trailer? It’s supposed to be done just before the vehicle is pulled away from a parking place and heads for the highway. There are post-trip inspections, too, but let’s concentrate on the pre-tripper.

If you do it from memory, you’re probably missing something. See if you’d cover all these points as offered by East Manufacturing:

1. Inspect for any apparent damage. Look for oil, water and fuel and other fluid leaks.

2. Check to see that all lights function, and that all reflectors are in place and not obscured.

3. Is the kingpin engaged and locked within the fifth wheel?

4. Examine the landing gear for proper road clearance, and make sure the crank handle is securely stowed.

5. Check that the rear stairway door, if ther trailer has one, is securely latched before moving.

6. Check that all air springs are inflated, if it has an air suspension.

7. Make sure the spare tire is secure in the carrier, and that the carrier is securely bolted to the chassis.

8. Check tire air pressures. Tires should be inflated to tire manufacturer’s specifications.

9. Check wheel lug nuts for proper torque on disc wheels.

10. On wheels with see-through hubcaps, check the oil level in the wheel hubs. Add oil as needed, or get a shop guy to do it.

11. On wheels with solid hubcaps, pull plug and check oil level in wheel hubs, adding oil as needed (likewise about the shop).

12. Visually check the brake shoe lining and brake drums for wear […]