Papal Visit to Philadelphia

With the upcoming Papal visit to the Philadelphia area Sept 26 and 27 2015 business owners, especially of commercial trucks, should be aware of the special highway conditions for that weekend. There is an area of center city Philadelphia being blocked off to traffic and restrictions on some of the other major highways and bridges leading into Philadelphia from New Jersey.

The city of Philadelphia has established this website that explains the road closing and restrictions for the weekend Papal visit. Business may also call this hot line 215-683-2100 Monday through Friday 9 AM to 5 PM to address any questions you may have. We have also included some of the information found on the website below.

Bentley Truck Services locations within Philadelphia are outside of the restricted areas and will be open our regular hours during this time period.

We do encourage our customers to plan ahead and make sure their vehicles are in good working condition. Our rental department is taking reservations now for this period as many customers are looking for additional vehicles to assist them on with additional business and keeping their deliveries on schedule.
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Click here to view Business Resource Center FAQs on Papal Visit

Click Map for Daily Progression on Street Closures

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