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Old Vintage Truck Photo – Throwback Thursday

Check out this old Commercial Truck Picture

We found this really cool photo of an commercial truck on Pinterest. What a great photo. Can you tell what type of truck this is?

We recently set up a Pinterest account and shared some of our photos and found some really cool #pins. like this one.

Here’s a link to our #Pinterest page. We’d love to see any old commercial truck pics of yours too.


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Hino Truck History

Hino produces it’s first truck not long after

Our last post: Who built the world’s first truck? featured an image of the oldest pick up truck pioneered by Gottlieb Daimler.

Not long after Hino follows with it’s first work truck. The TGE-A.

We found these interesting facts on Wikipedia

It produced its first motor vehicle in 1917, the Model TGE “A-Type” truck. In 1937, TG&E merged its automobile division with that of Automobile Industry Co., Ltd. and Kyodo Kokusan K.K., to form Tokyo Automobile Industry Co., Ltd., with TG&E as a shareholder. Four years later, the company changed its name to Diesel Motor Industry Co., Ltd., which would eventually become Isuzu Motors Limited.
The following year (1942), the new entity of Hino Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. spun itself out from Diesel Motor Industry Co., Ltd., and the Hino name was born. Following the end of World War II, the company had to stop producing large diesel engines…Read More

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