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Launch of the 2018 Isuzu FTR in San Antonio

Opening sequence for the launch of the 2018 Isuzu FTR at the Class Above 2017 Isuzu Dealer Meeting in San Antonio, TX.

The production of the Isuzu all-new entry in the Class 6 medium-duty truck segment—the 2018 Isuzu FTR—began , Monday, May 8, 2017.

The truck’s combination of low-cab-forward design, Class 6 GVWR and four-cylinder diesel engine gives it fantastic maneuverability, the ability to carry more cargo than a conventional Class 6 truck, and outstanding fuel efficiency. This is a true medium-duty Class 6 truck designed and built for this market, in this market.

The FTR is powered by Isuzu’s renowned 4HK1-TC 5.2-liter turbocharged four-cylinder diesel engine—a first in the segment. It generates 520 lbs.-ft. of torque and 215 horsepower and carries a B10 durability rating of 375,000 miles—meaning that 90% of engines should reach that mileage before requiring an overhaul. The truck has a gross vehicle weight rating of 25,950 lbs.

Eight wheelbase lengths, ranging from 152 to 248 inches, accommodate bodies from 14 feet to 30 feet, allowing for a wide variety of body applications.

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Hino Commercial Trucks 155 Model Delivers Vocational Abilities

Great Article about the Hino 155 From the Work Truck Online Website

Hino Commercial Trucks making an impact on vocational and fleet truck industry

The Hino 155 offers some excellent medium duty truck options for landscapers, construction companies and contractors, electricians, plumbers, meat and produce companies and several other markets

Earlier in 2015, during the NTEA Work Truck Show in Indianapolis, Hino Trucks added the 155 model cab-over engine (COE) truck to its product lineup.

The Class 4 truck features a GVWR of 14,500 pounds and is powered by Hino’s J05E-TP engine rated at 210 hp. Hino will also offer a double cab version of the Class 4, the 155-DC model, which seats up to seven when a larger crew is needed.

“We are very excited about the addition of the 155 and 155-DC to our model lineup. We will now be able to better serve the needs of our customers with a wider range of product offerings,” said Glenn Ellis, VP marketing, dealer operations and product planning for Hino Trucks.

Delivering Vocational Abilities
Since its launch, the 155 has excelled in the light delivery segment, both in refrigerated and dry van applications.

“It is also an ideal application fit in the landscaping industry. From a stake-body application for delivering trees to a jobsite to a spray rig application for lawn fertilization, the maneuverability of the 155 makes it a great fit in this industry where the ability to move in and out of tight spaces is essential,” Ellis said.

The all-new Hino Class 4 COE model 155 was designed specifically for the North American market, and is available now.

“We are now delivering. We are very encouraged about the potential of the 155 in the U.S. market as it has exceeded sales expectations thus […]

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Eaton Stirs up Medium-Duty Market with Dual-Clutch Transmission

Eaton’s Dual-Clutch Transmission

GALESBURG, MICH. — Eaton is bringing a new transmission to the medium-duty market that boasts car-like drivability with full-manual performance, a design of 10 years or 400,000 miles, and 8-10% better fuel economy than a torque-convertor-equipped automatic transmission.

The new 7-speed transmission, called Procision, features a dual-clutch design and electronic shifting that uses grade, vehicle weight and throttle input to provide optimal fuel efficiency and smooth, continuous delivery of torque to the drive wheels under all shift conditions.

The Procision transmission will be available for order in mid 2015, Eaton says.

Eaton’s senior vice president and general manager of Commercial Vehicle Transmission business, John Beering, says the target customer of this transmission wants a truck he or she can climb into, turn the key and drive away, while still meeting the unique needs of the multitude of applications that use such a product.

“Procision is a clean sheet of paper,” Beering told a press gathering in Galesburg this week. “We took a hard look at what we had done in the medium-duty space in the past and we listened to the voice of the market that told us there were gaps they wanted addressed. This new dual-clutch technology addresses those gaps.”

The transmission itself is a 7-speed set up rated for up to 660 pounds-feet of torque with direct drive in 5th gear. The overall ratio is 10.13:1, with a ratio of 6.5:1 in first, right up to 0.64:1 in seventh. It weighs 364 pounds and will be available in 26,000- and 33,000-pound ratings. It also offers right, left and rear PTO positions.

The key to the Procision transmission is the dual-clutch shifting technology. Eaton says the torque path to the drive wheels is not interrupted by the gear […]

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Isuzu, Telogis Agree on Connected Vehicle Pact

Isuzu Commercial Truck of America, Inc.announced an exclusive collaboration with Telogis to improve the overall ownership experience for Isuzu customers.

Shaun Skinner, executive vice president and general manager of Isuzu Commercial Truck of America, made the announcement in Albuquerque, New Mexico, at a dealer meeting celebrating Isuzu’s 30th anniversary in the United States.

“Today, Isuzu defines its connected vehicle and telematics strategy by collaborating with Telogis. We chose Telogis because of their focus on innovation, and their industry-leading experience with built-in OEM location intelligence solutions, with a mutual goal of providing Isuzu customers with the very best ownership experience in the medium-duty truck market,” said Skinner.

Susan Heystee, executive vice president, worldwide sales for Telogis, added, “The combination of Isuzu’s leadership in the low-cab-forward commercial truck market and the innovative solutions on the Telogis platform will deliver significant cost savings and operational efficiencies for Isuzu customers.This next-generation technology brings Isuzu Truck built-in connectivity and intelligence that can only be achieved through this kind of collaborative relationship with the manufacturer.”

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Fuso Announces new FE130 model

Mitsubishi Fuso introduces new higher-GVWR Class 3 work truck


From Fleet Equipment Magazine:

Fuso announces new FE130

Mitsubishi Fuso Truck of America Inc. introduced its new Canter FE130 work truck at the NTEA Work Truck Show in Indianapolis on March 5. Its new entry into the Class 3 segment boosts GVWR and body/payload capacity by 700 lb. over the previous FE125 model.

According to the company, the boost in GVWR is actually the second part of a program to expand the utility and versatility of its Class 3 offering. In making the introduction, Todd Bloom, MFTA’s president and chief executive officer, said, “Strategically, this new truck is a direct result of our continuing efforts to improve and refine our products to provide increasing value to FUSO owners. We added a long-wheelbase option to our 2014 model FE125 as a running change in the fall of 2013. The new 169.3” wheelbase option allows installation of 20’ bodies—which greatly expanded the cargo volume capabilities of our lightest truck. For our customers who transport high-bulk items, this is a real benefit. But those who haul heavier items could only take advantage of the longer wheelbase if the GVWR also increased. And that’s where the new FE130 comes in.”

Model designations for FUSO commercial trucks are derived from their GVWRs. The GVWR for the new FE130 is 13,200 lb., compared to 12,500 lb. for the truck it replaces….Read More

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Mitsubishi Fuso CEO shares insights

The medium-duty industry is meeting unique challenges with innovative solutions

Interesting article from Fuso CEO, Todd Bloom

From Fleet Magazine:

“Todd Bloom, president and chief executive officer of Mitsubishi Fuso Truck of America, shared his medium-duty market insight with Fleet Equipment.

When it comes to challenges facing users and manufacturers of medium-duty trucks, it’s important to understand that we operate in a different arena than our heavy-duty counterparts. In our world, economic, regulatory and technology issues can be quite different, and require distinct approaches. The first difference can be seen in the economy’s impact on the medium-duty truck market. Unlike heavy-duty, over-the-road operations, which can measure growth using relatively straightforward data like freight tonnage, the medium-duty market is made up of a variety of segments with different formulas for success.

New regulations are also impacting medium-duty trucks. Our customers, while struggling in some cases to balance the return on investment in green vehicles with environmental stewardship, are faced with new types of choices. Hybrids are proving to be commercially viable for some types of operations. Natural gas powered models, which can now take advantage of an improving infrastructure, can provide an acceptable ROI for other types of fleets.

Medium-duty trucks are far more advanced today than ever before. Import and domestic manufacturers alike struggled through a period of growing pains associated with 2008-2010 engines, but ultimately came to understand the technologies needed to meet a higher level of emissions standards.”

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Alcoa Wheels at Bentley Truck Services

Bentley Truck Services stocks Alcoa wheels

Alcoa recently introduced the M-Series

Bentley Truck Services, “All makes program also includes Alcoa Wheels for commercial trucks”. In addition, Alcoa has recently introduced a new line of medium duty truck wheel for class 3 through class 6 medium duty trucks, named the M-Series. The light weight, durable M-Series, constructed of forged Aluminum is made for straight trucks and low deck commercial trailers were made to fit the follow trucks: Hino, Isuzu, Mitsubishi Fuso, Dodge, Ford, Freightliner, General Motors (GM), International, Kenworth, Peterbilt, Smith and Sprinter vans.

M-Series wheels are available in brushed and polished finishes. Alcoa’s Dura-Bright surface treatment option is also available on certain wheels.

Alcoa Wheels for commercial trucks

Find out more about Bentley Truck Services parts department.

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