Mitsubishi Fuso FUSOComplete Program Details
Logan Township, NJ — Mitsubishi Fuso Truck of America, Inc. (FUSO) has announced it is partnering with Morgan Corporation and Daimler Truck Financial to offer special lease and purchase programs for its 2017 FUSO FE160 Class 4 medium-duty cabover truck with a 151″ wheelbase and 16′ Morgan aluminum dry van body.

Dubbed the FUSOComplete Program, it offers customers a FUSO FE160 Series truck with 15,995-lb. GVWR and 10,490-lb. estimated body/payload, through either a 36- or 48-month lease, or a direct, no-down-payment purchase with very attractive 36- or 48-month financing terms.

“This new FUSOComplete Program gives our customers an opportunity to purchase a truck in the most popular configuration we offer, with minimum hassle and at a very attractive cost,” says Bill Lyons, FUSO’s vice president, sales operations. “We’re really happy that both Daimler Truck Financial and Morgan Corporation are partnering with us to provide such value to our customers.”

The Morgan body included as part of the FUSOComplete Program has hardwood floors, a roll-up rear door, an aluminum roof and a dome light. Body-selection options include 85″ or 91″ inside-height, plywood or slat lining, one or two rows of recessed e-track, and a Maxon TE-20 or Waltco CW20 liftgate.

The lease payments, for those who qualify, are $658/month for 36 months or $614/month for 48 months. Monthly loan payments for the $0-down purchase program are $687/month for 36 months or $643/month for 48 months. Purchase is a balloon type: At the end of the loan, the purchaser may opt to pay or finance the balloon amount, or simply return the truck. For either the lease or purchase, rates are based on a maximum mileage accrual of 25,000 miles per year, and are subject to credit approval, […]