Mitsubishi Fuso is Going Electric

Mitsubishi Fuso at the Work Truck Show

After the Show

Fuso was at this years 2016 Work Truck Show and debuted two prototypes of it’s E-cell all-electric truck

Here’s an interesting article from the Fleet Equipment Magazine website about Fuso leading up to the show

After a year of in-use testing demonstrated a 64% savings in operating costs compared to an equivalent diesel-powered vehicle in the same service, Mitsubishi Fuso Truck of America Inc. (MFTA) will debut two prototypes of its Fuso E-cell all-electric truck at The Work Truck Show 2016. One of the prototypes will be available for test drives as part of The Work Truck Show Ride-and-Drive.

The testing of the new battery-powered Fuso Canter FE-Series medium-duty cabover, according to MFTA, was conducted by its parent company, Daimler Trucks Asia/Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corp. In a field trial as part of the truck’s ongoing development, fleet customers in Portugal, where the vehicles are manufactured, operated eight prototypes in routine service while Mitsubishi Fuso engineers monitored the vehicles’ performance and use profiles.

An analysis of the data, according to the manufacturer, revealed that the Canter E-cell work trucks required less fuel compared to an equivalent Canter’s average diesel fuel consumption. Actual savings, the company noted, would depend on the cost of diesel fuel and electricity, but based on diesel fuel pricing and electricity costs in Portugal over the test period the E-cell trucks produced a savings of 64%.

Additionally, the OEM pointed out that the eight E-cell test vehicles produced zero CO­­2 tailpipe emissions. A 37% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to diesel-powered trucks was realized, the company added, after accounting for emissions generated by the power plants creating the electricity needed to recharge the truck’s batteries.

The company also reported […]

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Mitsubishi Fuso and the Supreme Fiberpanel

Mitsubishi Fuso Truck of America Inc. (MFTA) announced that its 2015 Canter FE130 medium-duty work truck (13,200-lb. GVWR) is now available with a Supreme FiberPanel (HC) HoneyComb dry van body.

We found some great news about Mitsubishi Fuso and Supreme teaming up to provide the reliable Fuso Canter FE truck with the Fiberpanel Honeycomb dryvan from Supreme Body Corp.

From the Fleet Equipment Magazine website:

The Class 3 Canter FE130 features a body/payload capacity of up to 7,975 lbs. When the Supreme body is installed on the FE130, the total body/payload advantage jumps to nearly 1,000-lb., compared to the previous model.

According to Supreme, a 14-ft. FiberPanel HC body with composite rear rollup door weighs 288 lb. less than a 14-ft. box made of standard fiberglass-reinforced plywood (FRP). And that weight savings translates directly to more payload.

According to Leighton Good, MFTA’s manager, product and applications, “We are always looking for ways to reduce cost-of-ownership for our FUSO owners. Our efficient frame design and use of lightweight structural technologies throughout the chassis help increase the Canter’s payload compared to competitive trucks. By adding this new Supreme FiberPanel HC body, we can boost payload capacity even more—allowing our customers to haul more per trip. And that helps them reduce their truck transport costs.”

The FiberPanel HC body is available in 12-, 14- and 16-ft. lengths, with 96 in. width and interior heights of 85 in., 91 in. or 97 in.

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Mitsubishi Fuso Spring Forward Sales Event

Great deals on Mitsubishi Fuso Commercial Trucks during the Spring Forward Sales Event

Get a great deal, PLUS 0.9%* APR financing or $1500 Bonus Cash on new 2012–13 FE’s! Or 1.9%** APR with 90-day delayed first payment on 2014–15 FEs!

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Like 0.9%* APR financing for 36, 48, 60 or 72 months; or $1500 Bonus Cash on any new 2012–13 FE model. Or choose 1.9%* APR financing for 36 months with 90-day delayed first payment on any 2014–15 Canter FE truck! There are other lower rate options available at longer terms. Canter work trucks really deliver for your business with big savings on fuel and maintenance costs. The Canter delivers better fuel economy than Isuzu. It can go further between service intervals. It even hauls up to 2,200 pounds more payload!

Choose 0.9%* APR financing or $1500 Bonus Cash. Or 1.9%** APR financing with 90-day delayed first payment. You’ll save money to put back in the bank or into your business!

You’ll also save money down the road, with Mitsubishi Fuso’s dependable diesel engine and powertrain limited warranty†, which can cover you longer than any competitive truck: up to 5 years/175,000 miles. We even cover parts other truck makers don’t, like the starter and alternator. So move forward with a new truck that delivers great reliability, greater powertrain protection and lower cost-of-ownership to boost your bottom line, year after year.

We back our trucks so strongly because of their proven durability.

We’ve put more than 100,000 of them on the road, and they keep businesses in business, long after lesser trucks have called it quits. No wonder Mitsubishi Fuso […]

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