Winter storms have already swept across the US

Prepare your trucks, fleet and drivers with proper winter emergency kits

Here are a few items to check for. Be sure you have everything you might need and that all of your emergency kit contents are up-to-date and working properly.

CarMax performed an online survey and strangely enough, only 24 percent who were surveyed said they equipped their vehicle with a winter emergency kit. Even more baffling was that residents in the Northeastern United States were even more unprepared with a mere 35 percent reporting that they keep a winter emergency kit in their vehicles.

Winter emergency kit checklist

Cell phone car charge
First-aid kit
Jumper cables
Flares and/or hazard triangles
Ice scraper
Extra warm clothing, gloves and a blanket (preferably wool)Snow shovel
Cat litter — for traction on icy/slick roads
Food and bottled water
Extra windshield washer fluid
Snow shovel

What emergency items do you keep in your truck?