Mitsubishi Fuso at the Work Truck Show

After the Show

Fuso was at this years 2016 Work Truck Show and debuted two prototypes of it’s E-cell all-electric truck

Here’s an interesting article from the Fleet Equipment Magazine website about Fuso leading up to the show

After a year of in-use testing demonstrated a 64% savings in operating costs compared to an equivalent diesel-powered vehicle in the same service, Mitsubishi Fuso Truck of America Inc. (MFTA) will debut two prototypes of its Fuso E-cell all-electric truck at The Work Truck Show 2016. One of the prototypes will be available for test drives as part of The Work Truck Show Ride-and-Drive.

The testing of the new battery-powered Fuso Canter FE-Series medium-duty cabover, according to MFTA, was conducted by its parent company, Daimler Trucks Asia/Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corp. In a field trial as part of the truck’s ongoing development, fleet customers in Portugal, where the vehicles are manufactured, operated eight prototypes in routine service while Mitsubishi Fuso engineers monitored the vehicles’ performance and use profiles.

An analysis of the data, according to the manufacturer, revealed that the Canter E-cell work trucks required less fuel compared to an equivalent Canter’s average diesel fuel consumption. Actual savings, the company noted, would depend on the cost of diesel fuel and electricity, but based on diesel fuel pricing and electricity costs in Portugal over the test period the E-cell trucks produced a savings of 64%.

Additionally, the OEM pointed out that the eight E-cell test vehicles produced zero CO­­2 tailpipe emissions. A 37% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to diesel-powered trucks was realized, the company added, after accounting for emissions generated by the power plants creating the electricity needed to recharge the truck’s batteries.

The company also reported […]