Commercial Trucks banned from section of I-95 in Philadelphia July 23 to 29 for DNC
Commercial trucks weighing more than five tons will be prohibited from traveling between Exit 13 and Exit 22 on I-95 in Philadelphia from Saturday, July 23 at noon until midday Friday, July 29.

In addition, movement of all superloads (loads greater than 201,000 lbs, 16′ wide or 160′ long) will be suspended in Bucks, Delaware, Montgomery and Philadelphia Counties during the same period.

The following are the posted detours that PennDOT recommends trucks take:

•From I-95 North: Route 291 (Penrose Avenue) east, to 26th Street, to I-76 West, to I-676 east
•From I-95 South: I-676 west, to I-76 east, to 26th Street, to Route 291 (Penrose Avenue) west

The northbound and southbound entrance ramps to I-95 between Exit 13 and Exit 22 will also be closed to commercial traffic.

To assist those traveling to Philadelphia for the convention, PennDOT has launch a travelers’ website which provides real-time traffic information; color-coded maps showing how traffic is flowing; and other valuable information. The site is accessible from both desktop and mobile interfaces.