Driver Retention is the Sixth Biggest Concern for the Trucking Industry

Turnover can cost a company $5,000 per driver. Learn how to keep your good drivers from leaving.

If driver shortage is the #3 concern on the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) survey of trucking executives, it logically follows that driver retention would also be a major issue. And that’s even more so with the added burden of the new HOS rules.

If you’ve managed to find and hire those good drivers, how do you keep them, especially in an industry where turnover is so high? An American Trucking Association (ATA) report issued in December estimated that turnover can cost a company $5,000 per driver. Multiply your current driver pool by $5,000 and you can see what this could cost you and why it’s so important to keep your good drivers. What keeps drivers from leaving?

Although no one can downplay the importance of good pay, when you look at the best companies to work for in all industries in the U.S., those companies that have extremely low turnover, money is often not the deciding factor. More often, it’s a combination of things that lead to a satisfying (or unsatisfying) work environment, including pay, benefits, work/life balance, open communications, professional development, and more. In May of last year, published an article detailing nine ways companies can find and keep their drivers. Eight of these ideas specifically deal with retention.

Pay smarter – If you can’t afford across-the-board increases, tie bonuses and increases to better fuel mileage, on-time delivery, good inspection results, minimal hard-braking incidents, and more. Some companies offer a minimum guaranteed number of miles/week.
Get driver input – Everybody wants respect and everybody would like to be listened to. […]