Bentley employees recently participated in a Pajama Drive for local domestic violence shelters. Between Friday, June 23rd and Friday, June 30th we collected new women’s pajamas and toiletry items, such as toothpaste and shampoo from all Bentley locations. This event was initiated by India Sinclair, our Rental and Sales Account Manager at our Logan Twp. location. India decided to hold this Pajama Drive for Mom’s Pajamas to help her friend Crystal, who created this organization. She offered to do a drive because she feels it is an important organization.

Mom’s Pajamas is an organization founded by three sisters who tragically lost their mother to a motorcycle accident. They used to give pajamas to their mother on Christmas; after she passed they decided to carry on the tradition and honor her by doing the same for other women who experience domestic violence. They donate to shelters in Camden, Gloucester, and Cumberland counties as well as the ACT shelter in Lee County Florida. India explained that she wanted to host the drive during this summer because most people hold the drives during winter and the pajamas collected are for colder weather. So, this would be a good time to collect items for the different shelters.

When asked about her motivation to host a drive India says “I can empathize with women who are leaving a violent situation, most of the time with nothing but the clothes on their back. Most women who leave a situation like this are doing it in the spur of the moment and if they have children, they often only think about taking supplies for the children. I can imagine these women feel a little bit of joy getting a new pair of pajamas to […]