2018 FINAL Benchmark Survey Report
Dear NPTC Member:
On behalf of the Council’s Board of Directors and our entire membership, we are pleased to present the 2018 NPTC Bench-marking Survey Report, sponsored for the tenth consecutive year by PeopleNet, a Trimble Company.

The Report represents one of the largest and most comprehensive studies of key trends and operating metrics of private fleets ever produced by the Council and is made available free of charge as an exclusive benefit to NPTC members.
Under the leadership and direction of Benchmarking Survey Report author and general editor, Tom Moore, CTP, NPTC Senior Vice President, working in conjunction with the Benchmarking Survey Committee (see Appendix I), development of this year’s Report followed a systematic process used successfully for many years since NPTC first began annual benchmarking studies.

A 22-page survey questionnaire document containing more than 150 questions and related data points was emailed earlier this year to all NPTC Fleet Member companies. The survey itself was conducted from February through June. Information collected from participating companies through their representatives is never disclosed and always held in the strictest confidence. Ag-gregate data shown in the Benchmarking Survey Report itself is anonymous and without attribution as to individuals or their corporate affiliations.
Like surveys of the past, the 2018 Report includes many open-ended questions that encourage respondents to answer in their own words. The information contained in the report represents operating data for the calendar year 2017.
We wish to thank the more than 100 Fleet Member companies that participated in the study. These leading companies are representative of a broad cross-section of NPTC’s member base operating nationally or regionally in a varied and complex mix of industries and customers. As a result, the Benchmarking Survey Report generally […]