Easier access to the port of Miami for truckers

Good news for truck drivers who travel to the Port of Miami. The tunnel is now open for truckers and other vehicles enter and exit the Port of Miami. It has ben four years since the tunnel project began and an added delay this past May. With an easier method for entering and exiting I-95 via the Macarthur Causeway and I-395, this should make for less delays and improved delivery times.

There are now two lanes entering and two lanes exiting Dodge Island, which is where the Port of Miami is located. Truck drivers traveling to and from the Miami International Airport and I-95 will connect directlyt to the 518 acre island located in Biscayne Bay.

Restrictions for tunnel access are as follows: maximum height is 15 feet, and maximum width is 8 feet 6 inches. No placarded and hazmat cargo will be allowed to travel through the tunnel. Any restricted cargo will need to utilize the Port Boulevard Bridge instead.

More information about the tunnel is on the PortMiami website.