Members of American Trucking Associations’ (ATA) Share the Road program have gone on record urging motorists to slow down while on the road in order to improve safety.

“Going too fast increases stopping distance and reduces your reaction time to avoid a crash,” said Paul Savill, a driver with UPS Freight from Hamilton, Ohio, and a Share the Road professional. “You may be tempted to go faster because you think your time is precious, but it’s not more precious than your life or the lives of others. Slowing down can prevent crashes to ensure we all arrive safely at our destinations.”

Speeding or driving too fast for conditions is a factor in nearly a third of all fatal highway crashes — a figure that ATA and Share the Road are working to reduce.

share the road

“Whenever I’m out talking to drivers, I remind them that slowing down is an important part of sharing the road safely,” said ABF Freight Driver Bill West, a Share the Road professional from Roopville, Ga. “If we all showed a little more patience and care — and took our foot off the gas a little bit — we could reduce the number of crashes on our highways.”

Earlier this week, the ATA renewed its calls for electronic speed limiters on all commercial vehicles and for a national speed limit of 65 miles per hour.

This article was found on Trucking News Online.