Bentley Tech Tips

Keep your trucking running smoothly and safely through the winter season.

Save money with these severe cold weather precautionary measures.

By taking a few simple precautionary steps you can save lots of money and frustration during severe weather throughout the winter season.

Commercial Truck Safety Tips

-park vehicles indoors whenever possible
-plug in vehicles equipped with block heaters
-make sure fuel tanks are full and fuel caps are secured
-blended fuel or fuel additive
-drain all air tanks of moisture and then refill before resuming duty
-keep vehicles parked away from buildings to avoid falling roof snow
-do not park in a below grade (below ground level loading dock) to reduce flooding danger or getting stuck in ice
-keep the cab parked opposite the storms direction whenever possible
-close and secure all vehicle windows and doors
-use extreme cold windshield washer fluid
-keep an ice scraper and/or snow broom in the cab or in the cargo area for easy access

Let us know some of the steps you take to keep your truck running at peak performance during the winter season.

Share safety tips with other truckers and fleet owners!