How do you get the most from your vehicle when it comes to saving on fuel?

Here are five of the best and easiest ways to save fuel for commercial truckers and fleet owners.

Although some of these tips may sound a bit simple, it’s surprising how many times these simple solutions might get overlooked.

Commercial Truck Fuel Savings

Fuel costs have been projected to remain steadfast throughout 2014, but that doesn’t mean owners don’t need to save on fleet costs. Fuel savings is one easy and effective way to keep operating expenses down. Many companies are using location intelligence technology to assist in gaining knowledge about fuel consumption and avenues for fuel savings.

Here are five of the best methods for cutting fuel consumption:

• Don’t speed! Excessive speeding eats up more fuel than almost any other area
• Idling. Don’t idle for lengthy times if unnecessary
• Proper maintenance and upkeep of your commercial vehicle (regularly scheduled tuneups and maintenance are key)
• Fuel Slippage (are you spending more at the pumps than your tanks can hold?)
• Delivery Schedules (have efficient schedules mapped out ahead of time and stick to them)

You can also create driver summary reports that provide detailed information about fuel slippage and fuel efficiency. Let us know some of the useful tips and tools you use to reduce fuel costs.