Check out this old UD Commercial Truck Picture

This week’s Throwback Thursday truck is an old UD Commercial Truck

Here’s a bit of UD commercial truck history from Wikidepia and a great photo of an old Nissan Diesel (UD) truck.

UD Commercial Truck

UD Trucks Corporation is a Japanese company whose principal business is the manufacture and sales of light, medium and heavy duty diesel trucks, buses, bus chassis and special-purpose vehicles. The company is owned 100% by the Volvo Group since 2007. Formerly known as Nissan Diesel, the company changed its name to UD Trucks on February 1, 2010. Already before the name change, the UD name was prominently displayed to separate the identity from that of their former owner Nissan Motors.

The UD name was originally used for the company’s Uniflow Diesel Engine (known as Two-stroke Engine), developed in 1955, but is now marketed as meaning “Ultimate Dependability”

On February 15, 2010 it was announced that UD Trucks had taken over the import and sales of Volvo trucks in Japan, as a consequence of Volvo’s ownership

UD Trucks are marketed in 70 countries. Some of the main markets are Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia Australia and around the Southeast Asia region.

On September 12, 2012, UD Trucks of North America announced that is will no longer be part of the North American truck market. Reasons given for this decision was a combination of factors, including the continued shrinking of the cab-over-engine market segment and the accelerating cost of regulatory compliance.

More info on UD commercial truck history from Wikipedia