All drivers should know the main difference between driving a car and a bigger vehicle such as a truck.

It’s a matter of fact that most people in the world choose to drive a car. This can depend from culture (in many Countries cars are the normal kind of vehicle for families due to the fact that roads are very small than in USA) or from personal exigencies.

Trucks and cars: a quick comparison

Of course, traffic jams are those bad situation where trucks turn out to be the worst kind of vehicle for the room they take on the road, but on the opposite they represent a better shelter in case of accident, being bigger and more resistant than cars.

Anyways, we should always keep in mind what’s the goal of each kind of vehicle. Trucks are made to transport goods and products from place to place: they have a role in the economy of each Country.

Cars are easier to drive and comfortable for families and people who need to reach their work place.

Rules to avoid accidents

According to a research, car drivers make 70% mistakes when driving. It’s important to pay attention to the way we drive, especially if we happen to meet a truck in front of us.

First off, you should avoid to cut in front of trucks: this lets the truck driver insufficient room to stop on time. Actually, about 60% fatal truck crashes are caused by impacts with the front of the vehicle.

Another thing you could easily avoid to do is to tailgate a truck. Trucks are larger than your car and you should always keep enough room from a truck so that you can have more visibility in front of you in case of sudden traffic (in fact a truck wouldn’t allow you to see much of the road conditions).

There are a few more important rules you should remember when driving. Anyways, you should also take care of your personal safety and of those little big trouble a vehicle can always give.

We’re referring to lost keys and locked in keys. In both cases, you couldn’t access your car. That’s important to keep in your phone book a phone number for car locksmith. This will help you in case of need. The Locksmith experts will reach in you in a few minutes and you will get the troubles fixed out for an affordable cost.