In case you are having trouble with your ignition lock cylinder on your Isuzu truck and you want to fix it on your own to save some cash, follow these next few tips. Side note: in case you do not have any experience with fixing ignitions, you should get in touch with your mechanic or a professional locksmith, depending on the severity and type of problem you are experiencing. For example, a jammed ignition or a broken key inside the ignition are issues that any professional locksmith can immediately handle.


What To Do When The Ignition Lock Cylinder Breaks     

This component is critical as it is the one that enables you to start the engine on your Isuzu. Hence, without it working appropriately, you will not be able to turn the ignition key. A first solution is to buy replacement ignition lock cylinders from any Isuzu dealership or local auto parts store and fix your problem. If your Isuzu uses a transponder key, you will most likely need a custom key made to match our new ignition. You can get in touch with a team of automotive locksmiths in the area where you live and have them immediately make that special transponder key for you.

The fellows at 24/7 Locksmith Service specialize in residential locksmith services, as well as commercial and automotive services, transponder key making and ignition fix included. They have nationwide coverage and they can reach your location within 20 minutes upon placing a call using their toll free number. They practice some of the smallest rates on the market and their crews are fully licensed, bonded and insured. Each replacement part will be accompanied by a 90-day guarantee, as these folks only work with the most popular brands in the industry.

If you want to do things on your won, you can start by loosening the retaining nut on the cable clamp that is running to the negative battery terminal. Then slide the negative cable clamp off of the terminal of the negative battery and drill a small hole in the ignition’s keyhole. Next, drill one inch deep and use a pick tool to pull out the lock rod from the cylinder. Place the old ignition key in the keyhole and make sure the ignition cylinder is in the "II" position. Finally, you will need to pull the ignition out of the steering column using the ignition key.