What is a Regen

In a commercial truck with the exhaust filter can become clogged over time. This extra soot that has built up will need to be burned (cleaned) out. In most cases if the vehicle is used for a lot of highway driving, this process will happen automatically while driving.

The buildup occurs when a truck idles a lot or is used for a lot of city driving. In this case, a warning light on the dash will light up informing the driver that it is time to perform a parked (manual) regen. Basically, you park your truck, push the manual regen button and the engine will rev up and heat up burning out the excess soot.

Hino Conventional Truck Manual (Parked) Regen

To start a manual regen on a Hino conventional truck, park your vehicle in a safe place. Put the vehicle in park and engage the parking brake. Next, press the DPR manual regeneration switch that is blinking on the dash.

The switch light will then remain illuminated during the regeneration and the engine idle speed will increase. The regen process will be complete in approximately 15 – 20 minutes and the regen indicator lights will turn off. the engine idle speed will return to normal complete.

Watch the complete video to find out more and also what can interrupt a manual regeneration.

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