Special Feature Hino Insight

Every 2017+ Hino Truck is equipped with Hino Insight. This platform gives you and your drivers access to Business Intelligence and Remote Diagnostics with Case Management. Not only does this platform increases profitability but fleet & driver efficiency while decreasing downtime and operating costs. Using Hino Insight Telematics, you can monitor idle times, heavy breaking, speed, location, distance traveled and more. Insight Remote Diagnostics comes standard with 52 customizable alerts such as temperature, DEF levels, PTO, speed, and idle time. Hino Insight’s unique Remote Diagnostics reduces the risk of catastrophic failure in your Hino truck. This is made possible by DTC’s that are often over looked are transmitted in real time to the owner and Hino. Using both software and live technicians, Insight Remote Diagnostics analyzes the DTC and a severity diagnosis is determined. Via email, phone or text, Insight Remote Diagnostics notifies the owner the DTC severity level and the best steps in resolving the issue.