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One of the most important tasks that should completed before the cold of the winter sets in is to ensure that the cooling system in your vehicle is properly protected from the harmful weather conditions.

The coolant mixture used to defend against the cold should be a priority for all who want to keep their vehicles in good condition throughout the winter.

The American Trucking Association

The American Trucking Association’s Technology and Maintenance Council provides a checklist for all truck owners to help them practice safe habits when it comes to caring for their trucks throughout the cold season. This Recommended Practice states many different regulations concerning what types of coolant mixtures are best-suited for specific types of trucks, as well as the dangers of mixing more than one type of coolant.

Concerns and Cautions

One of the biggest and simplest mistakes that a truck owner can make during the winter months is to incorrectly mix the coolant used to protect the cooling system of the truck. Purchasing more than one brand of mixture can be costly because, if coolant is combined with a different brand, the engine may not function at its full capacity. A couple easy ways for a truck owner to make this mistake are if they use two different mixtures because they are constantly topping-off their engine, or if there is a leak in the system and they are being cautious and adding more coolant unnecessarily.

Keeping tabs on the types of coolant used in your trucks is a priority to ensure maximum productivity from your vehicles. Because there are some coolants that are compatible with one another, mixing can sometimes not produce negative results. However, as coolant mixture producers move farther away from nitrite coolants, the number of incompatible coolants grows.

A final concern for truck owners is to consider the wear and tear on the belts in the truck. Because a belt looks to be in condition does not mean that it is safe. Faulty belts are becoming harder and harder to determine by the naked eye, and usually require a professional to examine. Professional technicians will evaluate the valleys and peaks in the belt and decide whether or not the vehicle is safe to continue in its current condition.

Importance of Maintenance

Research suggests that almost half of all major engine failures today involve the coolant system, and that proper maintenance would be enough to solve a majority of those problems. When engines are at their most vulnerable point during the winter, it is imperative to have taken the necessary steps in order to protect your vehicle.