Bentley helps promote the Isuzu brand

At Bentley Truck Services we are proud to say that we have been carrying the Isuzu brand for some time now. Our certified sales specialists often take time to go out to local businesses and inform them about what trucks and truck vocations would be best for their business. Often times new business owners aren’t sure of the wide variety of truck vocations available as well as what might be the right class, make or model truck. On many occasions business owners buy too much truck or too little, or a truck that just doesn’t get the job done efficiently, and that really add up over time.

isuzu bentley crew

We teamed up with Isuzu and Isuzu Finance to hit the streets and deliver the great news about the Isuzu product line. The Isuzu Commercial Truck line has been a leader among commercial truck manufacturers for decades and have produced some of the most efficient, reliable and cost effective commercial vehicles on the market. Here’s our most recent team after a successful day out in the field.

Isuzu commercial trucks

If you would like to know more about the Isuzu product line contact us today.