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Isuzu NPR ECOMAX 12 Ft. Utility Service Body Truck – Feature Friday

This New Isuzu NPR ECOMAX is the Featured Truck of the week
New 2014 Isuzu NPR Eco Max with a 12 Ft. Service body. The body has interior shelving, latter rack, access latter, and narrow double doors. The truck is loaded with all the options. 12,000 GVW, 3.0Liter Isuzu Engine, 4JJI-TC 150 HP, Aisin A460 6 speed transmission, 215/85R16 tires, 25 gallon fuel tank, AM FM Radio with USB port, Power Heated Mirrors, Back up alarm, DOT Safety Kit, Morgan Utility Body, Swing split doors, Hardwood floor, Shelving and drawer units each side, Room for additional equipment, 48 open floor space, Ladder rack on roof, Access rear ladder, 12 x 79 x 96 FRP Dry Freight. This truck gets 16 MPG and has a 5 year/ 200,000 mileage warranty. You can finance this truck for $691/ month with your tax and tags down. View more pictures here.

Click here to view our new Isuzu utility service trucks currently in stock.

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Truck Driving Safety Tips

Truck Driving Safety Tips: 7 Safety Rules for a Long Haul
1. Watch your blind spots
Other motorists may not be aware of a truck’s “no zones” — those where crashes are most likely to occur. Common “no zones” include:

Off to the side just in front of the cab
Just behind the side mirrors
Directly behind the truck

If others aren’t aware of these trouble spots, they may drive dangerously close. As frustrating as this can be, it’s up to you to exercise caution before turning or changing lanes and to maintain a safe distance.

2. Reduce speed in work zones
Roughly one-third of all fatal work-zone accidents involve large trucks. Make sure to take your time going through interstate construction — your delivery can always wait.

3. Maintain your truck
Give your vehicle a thorough check each morning (fluid levels, horn, mirrors, etc.). The brakes are particularly vital, given how much weight is riding on them. If you spot anything unusual, report it to dispatch before attempting to drive.

4. Load cargo wisely
The higher you stack cargo, the more drag on the truck. By stacking lower and spreading cargo through the full space of the truck, you can stay more nimble and improve your fuel economy.

5. Reduce speed on curves
Usually, following the speed limit is a good thing. When it comes to trucking, however, there are times when even adhering to posted signs is still too fast (confusing, we know).

Particularly on exit/entrance ramps, the speed limits are meant more for cars; trucks have a tendency to tip over if they take the curves too fast. When going through any curve, it’s best to set your speed far lower than the posted limit to make up for your rig’s unique dimensions.

6. Adjust for bad weather
Inclement […]

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Hino Trucks supports Air Resources Board in milestone for clean-air trucks

Novi, Michigan – Hino Trucks participated in last week’s celebration of the 2,000th Hybrid and Zero-Emission Truck and Bus Voucher (HVIP) hosted by the California Air Resources Board. Elected officials, and other industry members, including CALSTART, which administers the program for ARB, were in attendance as the recipient, Redwood Products of Chino, CA took ownership of a Hino COE model 195h delivery truck.

HVIP is the nation’s first program to directly reduce the up-front cost of hybrid or zero-emission trucks and buses. HVIP incentives drive manufacturing production and fleet acceptance of the advanced heavy-duty vehicle technologies California must deploy to meet its long-term air quality and climate goals. Redwood Products is the recipient of a $23,000 voucher, which covered close to one-third of the price of a low-carbon Hino hybrid truck.

Since 2010, ARB has awarded 2,000 vouchers for low-carbon hybrid and zero-emission trucks. “At Hino, we are committed to doing our part in reducing our carbon footprint and our 195h model is proof in motion of this commitment. Since 1991, we have sold over 15,000 vehicles worldwide using Hino’s hybrid technology, making us an industry leader in commercial hybrid product sales,” said Glenn Ellis, Vice President of Marketing, Product Planning and Dealer Operations for Hino Trucks.

“Like other forward-looking companies, Hino Trucks has demonstrated that California’s efforts to support cleaner low-carbon trucks and transportation creates a market and a successful business opportunity,” ARB Executive Officer Richard Corey said.

This incentive program has contributed to air pollution reductions in neighborhoods throughout California. Since its launch in 2010, HVIP has provided more than $63 million to help California fleets statewide purchase more than 430 zero-emission trucks and buses and 1,800 hybrid trucks and uses – and […]

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Potential Tax Savings for 2015

IRS Offers Special Tax Breaks to Small Businesses
Section 179 of the United States Internal Revenue Code (26 U.S.C. § 179) allows taxpayers to elect to deduct the cost of certain types of property for tax purposes as an expense, rather than requiring the cost of the property to be capitalized and depreciated. Eligible property is generally limited to tangible, depreciable, personal property (like an Isuzu truck!) which is acquired for use in the active conduct of a trade or business. In addition to standard depreciation on new trucks, bonus depreciation may also be available.
2015 Deduction Limit = $25,000
This deduction is good on new and used equipment, like a new Isuzu truck or a Isuzu GoldStar® previously owned truck. This limit is only good for 2015, and the equipment must be financed / purchased and put into service by the end of the day, 12/31/2015.
2015 Spending Cap on equipment purchases = $200,000
This is the maximum amount that can be spent on equipment before the Section 179 Deduction available to your company begins to be reduced on a dollar for dollar basis. This spending cap makes Section 179 a true “small business tax incentive”.
Bonus Depreciation: not available in 2015
In prior years, Bonus Depreciation would be taken after the Section 179 Spending Cap is reached. Note: Bonus Depreciation was available for new equipment only; in 2015, Bonus Depreciation is not available at all.
2015 Section 179
Example Calculation

2015 or 2016 Isuzu N-Series:

First Year Write Off: ($25,000 Maximum 2015)

50% Bonus First Year Depreciation: (not available in 2015)

Normal First Year Depreciation: (20% in each of 5 yrs on remaining amount)

Total First Year Deduction: ($25,000 + $5,000)

Cash Savings: ($30,000 x 35% tax rate)

Equipment cost after tax: (assuming a 35% tax bracket)

Your Isuzu Transportation […]

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Isuzu Adds Class 3 NPR Diesel Cabover

Isuzu Introduces 2016 13,000-LB. GVWR NPR Diesel

ANAHEIM, Calif.—Isuzu Commercial Truck of America, Inc., distributor of America’s bestselling low cab forward trucks, today introduced its newest model—the 2016 NPR Diesel. The truck features a 13,000-lb. GVWR and a 33.5-inch frame to offer more capability than previously available in an entry-level Isuzu diesel truck—while still providing legendary Isuzu durability and fuel economy.

“With a 13,000-lb. GVWR, the new NPR Diesel approaches the capacity of a Class 4 truck, but at a Class 3 price,” said Shaun Skinner, executive vice president and general manager of Isuzu Commercial Truck of America. “This truck is the latest example of how Isuzu is committed to lowering the cost of truck ownership without sacrificing performance, practicality, long-term reliability or fuel efficiency.”

Among the notable features of the 2016 NPR Diesel:

Standard 30-gallon rear-mounted in-rail fuel tank
Frame width of 33.5 inches that will accept bodies up to 102 inches wide and 91 inches high
Four wheelbases—109, 132.5, 150, and 176 inches—that will accept body lengths up to 20 feet

The new NPR Diesel is powered by the newest and most modern powerplant in the Isuzu family, the 3.0-liter 4JJ1-TC turbocharged and intercooled diesel engine. The powerplant produces 150 horsepower and 282 lb.-ft. of torque at 1,600 to 2,800 rpm.

“With its peak torque available at low and mid-range engine speeds, the 4J engine gives drivers both good off-the-line acceleration and passing power,” Skinner said.

That power doesn’t come at the expense of durability. The engine has a B-10 diesel engine life rating of 310,000 miles. And in keeping with Isuzu’s commitment to environmental responsibility, the engine is capable of running on B20 biodiesel fuel.

The powerplant is mated to an Aisin A460 six-speed automatic transmission with double overdrive, lock-up torque converter […]

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Isuzu NRR 14 Ft. Dump Body Truck – Feature Friday

This new Isuzu NRR Lo-Boy Dump Body is the Featured Truck of the week
Equipped with 14’ Crysteel lo-boy dump body, 14” high two section fold down sides, 20” high drop tailgate, 52” front bulkhead, 215 HP 4 cylinder Diesel Engine, Aisin 6 speed automatic transmission, 19,500 GVW, Heated remote mirrors, Power windows and door locks, AC, AM FM USB equipped radio, PTO switch, Back up alarm, Fire extinguisher and triangles, Chrome Grill, Full cab shield, Tow package with 2 5/16 ball D-rings and 7 way trailer plug, Electric brake controller, Manual mesh tarp and roller .

To see more new landscape trucks we currently have in stock you can visit our New Isuzu Landscape Trucks page . If you don’t see what you’re looking for, give us a call and we’ll help find the right truck for you.

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Isuzu NPR HD 14 Ft. Box Truck – Feature Friday

This New Isuzu NPR HD Dry Van Body Truck is the Featured Truck of The Week
This 2013 NPR HD comes equipped with a 14’ Morgan Dry Freight van body, 4 Cylinder 215 HP Diesel Engine, Diesel, 14,500 GVW, 6 Speed Aisin Transmission, Limited Slip Differential, AC, Cruise Control, Power windows and door locks, AM FM radio with USB port, Safety Package, Rear cargo light switch, 30 gallon fuel tank, Plywood lined, One row recessed e-track, Full width step bumper. $46,999 or $773.05 per month tax and tags down. Call us for more information. Click to see our inventory of New Isuzu Box Trucks.

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Papal Visit to Philadelphia Sep 26-27, 2015

Papal Visit to Philadelphia

With the upcoming Papal visit to the Philadelphia area Sept 26 and 27 2015 business owners, especially of commercial trucks, should be aware of the special highway conditions for that weekend. There is an area of center city Philadelphia being blocked off to traffic and restrictions on some of the other major highways and bridges leading into Philadelphia from New Jersey.

The city of Philadelphia has established this website that explains the road closing and restrictions for the weekend Papal visit. Business may also call this hot line 215-683-2100 Monday through Friday 9 AM to 5 PM to address any questions you may have. We have also included some of the information found on the website below.

Bentley Truck Services locations within Philadelphia are outside of the restricted areas and will be open our regular hours during this time period.

We do encourage our customers to plan ahead and make sure their vehicles are in good working condition. Our rental department is taking reservations now for this period as many customers are looking for additional vehicles to assist them on with additional business and keeping their deliveries on schedule.
Call us for your service or rental needs today.
Click here to view Business Resource Center FAQs on Papal Visit

Click Map for Daily Progression on Street Closures

Click Map to view State Roads Closures

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Brake Safety Week: September 6-12, 2015

Brake Safety Week – September 6-12, 2015 – is part of the Operation Airbrake Program sponsored by CVSA in partnership with the United States U.S.Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). During the week-long brake safety campaign, CMV inspectors will conduct brake system inspections (primarily Level IV Inspections) on trucks and buses throughout North America to identify out-of-adjustment brakes and brake-system violations.

Properly functioning brake systems are crucial to safe commercial motor vehicle (CMV) operation. CMV brakes are designed to hold up under tough conditions, but they must be inspected and maintained carefully and consistently so they operate and perform properly throughout the vehicle’s life. Brake Safety Week is an annual outreach and enforcement campaign designed to improve commercial vehicle brake safety throughout North America.

Brake-related violations comprise the largest percentage (representing 46.2 percent during Roadcheck 2014) of all out-of-service violations cited during roadside inspections. Improperly installed or poorly maintained brake systems can reduce the braking capacity and stopping distance of trucks and buses, which poses a serious risk to driver and public safety.

Brake inspections conducted during Brake Safety Week include inspection of brake-system components to identify loose or missing parts, air or hydraulic fluid leaks, worn linings, pads, drums or rotors, and other faulty brake-system components. Antilock braking systems (ABS) malfunction indicator lamps also are checked. Inspectors will inspect brake components and measure pushrod stroke when appropriate. Defective or out-of-adjustment brakes will result in the vehicle being placed out of service.

Additional inspections may include some Level I Inspections and, in ten participating jurisdictions, overall vehicle braking efficiency will be tested using performance-based brake testing (PBBT) equipment. These systems include a slow speed roller dynamometer that measure total vehicle weight and total brake force, from […]

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Do You Know Where Your Spare Fuses Are? – Tech Tip Tuesday

DOT Inspectors issuing warnings for not being able to locate spare fuses

Did you know your fuse box is equipped with spaces for spare fuses?  Recently some DOT inspectors have been asking drivers for his/her spare fuses and the they ares not aware of the location of the fuses.

You should review this with your drivers and they need to know where the spare fuses are located.    Also make sure that if the spare fuses were used during a repair to the vehicle, the spares are replaced in the fuse box to meet the DOT requirement of the vehicle being equipped with spare fuses.

So far most customers have been issued a warning not a ticket.

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