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Congratulations – Bentley and Isuzu Break Truck Sales Record for 2015

Bentley Helps Isuzu Break Their Record!

Congratulations to Isuzu Commercial Truck of America for surpassing their truck sales record for the largest amount of commercial truck sales in a one year period! We at Bentley Truck Services are happy to play a role in making your 2015 so successful, and we look forward to making 2016 even greater! Selling over 20,000 trucks is an impressive feat, and we wanted to congratulate you for your accomplishment!

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Apply For DOT Number / Check DOT Status

Apply For DOT Number or Check Status of Current DOT Number
The FMCSA monitors and ensures compliance with motor carrier safety (all carriers) and commercial (for-hire, non-exempt carriers) regulations. Companies may find they are subject to registration requirements for both safety (safety registration) and commercial regulation (operating authority registration). Companies subject to the safety requirements are also required to obtain a USDOT Number…. Read More
Source: FMCSA website
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Maintaining Shock Absorbers and Air Springs

Suspension performance suffers if they’re not in working order.
Air suspensions cushion the ride for drivers, vehicles and loads. Among their components are the springs themselves and shock absorbers, which help control the movement of the bags and the rest of the suspension. These parts are subject to wear and aging, and must be regularly inspected and repaired or replaced when necessary.

The American Trucking Associations’ Technology & Maintenance Council recently revised its Recommended Practice 643A, Air Ride Suspension Maintenance Guidelines.

“Generally speaking, air springs are very durable components,” says John Healy with Stemco, which offers Goodyear brand air springs.

Because they’re made of rubber, air bags usually “age out” before they wear out, notes Dave Vanette, new business development manager at Firestone Industrial Products. “This aging out process has a lot to do with the heat history of the part and exposure to ozone,” he explains. If an air spring is run predominately where the average temperature is high, it accelerates this process.

Read the full article here.

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Hino Motors 2020 Environmental Plan

Hino finalized its 2020 Environment Initiative Plan, an action plan for environmental measures spanning from fiscal 2016 to 2020.

Under this plan, Hino will continue focusing on the main areas designated in its 2015 Environment Initiative Plan, which is its action plan effective until March 31, 2016. These areas are building a low-carbon society, creation of a closed loop economy, environmental conservation & creation of a society coexisting in harmony with nature, and environmental management.

They will work to help realize low-carbon societies by improving the fuel efficiency of their trucks and buses while developing and promoting next-generation vehicles. The company also intends to reduce its carbon dioxide emissions at the production and logistics stages by making its manufacturing more environmentally friendly and its transport operations more efficient. At the vehicle usage stage, they will promote “Eco-driving” to customers with the goal of enabling them to use Hino vehicles in ways that are easier on the environment.

For more information about the 2020 Environment Initiative Plan, please click on a link below:

Hino 2020 Environment Initiative Plan

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Deborah Heart and Lung Center Toy Run

Delivering a few toys and a few smiles this holiday season

Deborah Heart and Lung Center Toy Run

Heading out to the Toy Drive to drop off a few toys to the kids.

Read more about the Deborah Heart and Lung Center Toy Drive on the Burlington County Times website.

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Top 10 Things to Know about ELD Mandate

ELD Mandate Introduction

Now that the final rules are out and the Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandate is in effect, it’s time to get educated and then implement. As with any new technology, there are plenty of questions surrounding ELDs. At its core, the law aims to heighten road safety by ensuring that drivers are abiding by Hours of Service rules. There are, however, some side benefits to drivers as well – increased efficiency as well as time and cost savings. This white paper will focus on the top 10 things that every professional driver should know about the rules.

ELD: Top 10 Things to Know

1. Definition of ELD

First, it’s important to understand how the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) defines an ELD:
“An ELD is a recording-only technology, used to track the time a CMV is operating. An ELD is integrally connected to the CMV’s engine, uses location information, and is tamper resistant. An ELD automatically tracks CMV movement, but allows for annotations by both the driver and the motor carrier’s agent to explain or correct records. An ELD is not necessarily a physical device; it is a technology platform, and may be portable or implemented within a device not permanently installed on a CMV.”1

2. Data elements that will be automatically recorded

As per the final rules, there are a number of data pieces that are automatically recorded by ELDs:

• Date
• Time
• CMV location
• Engine hours
• Vehicle miles
• Driver or authenticated user identification data
• Vehicle identification data
• Motor carrier identification data
• What kind of vehicle location information will be recorded?

Communication of vehicle data and hours of service is transmitted over a mobile network. FMCSA doesn’t require the use of the satellite-based global positioning […]

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2016 Hino 268A 24 Ft Dry Van Body Truck – Feature Friday

This New Hino 268A 24 Ft Dry Van is the Featured Truck of the week
Stock number 18238
Vin 5PVNJ8JTXG4S56613
Hino JO8E-VB 220 HP engine
520LB Torque
GVWR 25,950
Allison 2200 HS 6 speed transmission
Power windows and door locks
90 Gallon fuel tank
Bluetooth AM FM radio
Cruise control
Cold Weather package
Safety Kit
3 man seating
24 Morgan Van body with curb side door
97 high 96 wide
ICC bumper
Two rows etrack
Scuff liner
Side door



See all of our New Hino truck Inventory here

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Fuso: Buy Now and Earn Tax Deductions Up to $25,000

Now There is One More Reason to Purchase a Mitsubishi Fuso Truck Before the End of the Year

The U.S. Internal Revenue Code, Title 26, Part V1, Section 179 (commonly referred to as IRC-179) may allow a small business to deduct up to $25,000 for certain….Read More

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Mitsubishi Fuso Canter FE180 Dry Van Box Truck – Feature Friday

This Mitsubishi Fuso FE180 is the Featured Truck of the week
This Brand New 2015 Mistubishi Fuso Canter FE180 Dry van is powered by a Fuso 4P10(T5) 4 cylinder DOHC diesel engine with 161 HP @3400 rpm and a Duonic 6 speed OD AMT transmission. Very nicely equipped with the following features: A/C, Power window and door locks, Cruise control, Engine Protection system, Floor mats, Bluetooth Radio, Heated mirrors, Air deflector, 20’ Morgan Dry Freight Van body, With step saver driver side door, Plywood lined, Rear ramp, and has a 17,995 GVW. $57,881 or $1029.29 per month, Tax and tags not included, please call or email us for more information about trhis Fuso dry van.

View our current stock of New Mitsubishi Fuso Box Trucks.

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1940’s Autocar C-Series Trucks – Throwback Thursday

We fould these two old Autocar commercial truck pictures for Throwback Thursday

One is a 1947 C-series model and the other is a 1949 C-series model. Autocar trucks are awesome trucks and there’s a lot of US history tied in to the Autocar name.

Here’s some interesting info we found on Wikipedia:

The Autocar Company is a Hagerstown, Indiana specialist manufacturer of severe-duty, Cab Over Engine vocational trucks. Started in 1897 inArdmore, Pennsylvania as a manufacturer of Brass Era automobiles, and trucks from 1899. The last cars were produced in 1911 and the company continued as an innovative maker of severe-duty trucks. In 1953 Autocar was taken over by the White Motor Company which made Autocar their top-of-the-line brand. White was taken over in turn by Volvo Trucks in 1980 with Autocar continuing as a division. In 2001, it was sold to GVW Group, LLC, which revived Autocar as an independent company. Autocar now builds three models of custom-engineered, heavy duty trucks and has regained leading positions in several vocational segments.

Autocar truck pictures are from the and websites.

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