Safety Matters – Great Info from the NationaLease Newsletter

Practicing good safety can save lives and ultimately can save you money, and NationaLease wants to help keep safety at the forefront with some helpful safety tips. Today’s tip discusses preventing fatigue-related accidents. Research shows that driver fatigue may contribute to up to 20% of accidents on the road, here are some ways to help combat fatigue:


• Make sure you are fit to drive. Do not begin a journey if you are tired. Get a good
night’s sleep before embarking on a long journey.
• Avoid undertaking long journeys between midnight and 6am, when natural
alertness is at a minimum
• Plan your journey to take sufficient breaks. A minimum break of at least 15 minutes
after every two hours of driving is recommended
• If you feel sleepy, stop in a safe place. Do not stop on the hard
shoulder of a motorway
• The most effective ways to counter sleepiness are to drink, for example,
two cups of caffeinated coffee and to take a short nap (up to 15 minutes).
• For more information on preventing fatigue-related accidents, see this article from

Safety Tips Fact Sheet